Cakes for Cancer Dorset

A co-operation of professional and hobby bakers, who will provide (free of charge) beautiful and delicious cakes, within the Dorset borders, for those suffering or recovering from Cancer!

About Us

Hello. My name is Annette Langley-Tayler and I am a professional cake maker. Like so many of us I have been affected either directly or indirectly by Cancer. For the last few years I have either provided free cakes for charity events or have raised money by selling cakes for Cancer charities and although I still do this I don't feel it's enough, which is why I set up Cakes For Cancer Dorset. My aim is to provide free cakes to those who are dealing with Cancer, either themselves or through helping family members or close friends deal with the disease.  To this end, I contacted other cake makers within Dorset to ask them to join a co-operative of cake makers, who will provide a cake to anyone who contacts us. The response I have had has been amazing and we are now a group of 12 professional cake makers (more are joining every day) and 7 non-professional cake makers or hobby bakers.

Cupcake with Berries

How it works

Cakes for Cancer Dorset's aim is to provide, (free of charge), a beautiful and delicious cake to anyone suffering from Cancer within the Dorset borders. All you have to do is use the Contact form below, giving us details of what sort of cake you would like, who it's for and the date you need it. It's a harsh reality that some will try to take advantage of what we are doing. With this in mind, we do have to be able to verify, the person we are creating the cake for actually has, or is recovering from Cancer. However, once that is done, we will do everything within our power to create your cake for you! We will sort all the details out with you, regards, flavours, design/theme, name, age, or writing you may want, collection or in some cases delivery if needed.

“Where there is cake, there is hope. And there is always cake”

Dean Koontz





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