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The momentum is building!!!

So I've now done a third cake in the last 2 weeks for Cakes for Cancer Dorset and this last one was for a very special lady and local community figure in Poole. I received this message from the lovely Hannah, who by the way is relentless in her charitable activities as well! "Hi there, My friend is having a mastectomy today to have a breast removed due to breast cancer, she is a great figure in the local community in Poole and is the Division Commissioner for Parkstone in Poole for Girlguiding and helps hundreds of young girls and women reach their potential! It would be brilliant to get her a cake to cheer her and her young family up at this difficult time." Well of course we can and did :-) The cake attached is what I provided and hopefully I will be able to add a picture soon of this special lady getting her cake. These are the kind of messages I get everyday! Some are so sad to read, but all of them are about people fighting this terrible disease with a positive attitude and most are more concerned about the effects it's having on their family and friends, rather than what it is doing to themselves. People are amazing and we are privaleged to be doing our little bit to bring a smile to those who need it when we can! xx